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Cities are complex human-made objects. They consist of thousands of elements and need to satisfy numerous human needs. The definition of urban form (street network, plots, buildings) is a crucial step in the planning of cities because it has the longest lasting effect on their social, economic, and ecological performance. Thus, this step needs to be undertaken with the greatest care. In this course, we will deal with computational methods to support this process. Firstly, you will learn to create parametric models, that allow you to quickly generate a large number of design variants. Secondly, you will get introduced to spatial analysis methods (density, visibility, and accessibility) in order to identify different (human-centered) qualities of the generated urban forms.

Learning objectives

The theories and methods you learn in this class provide the basic theoretical and technological framework for integrated urban development and design, which you can apply in urban design projects.


If you are not yet experienced with parametric modeling with Grasshopper for Rhino3D it is highly recommended that you start with the course Introduction to Parametric Design :: IPD open, before you continue with this one!


This course is open for everyone registered at the OTP. For questions, please use the forum. Please, understand that we cannot offer individual support for guest accounts.
Students from the Bauhaus-University Weimar, who are inscribed to a course have to use the closed courses of the corresponding semester that includes the tasks!

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Parametric Urban Design
Parametric Urban Analysis

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Igor Vasyliev
Posted 2 months ago
Great course

Great course. Lots of helpful tips. Thanks for the course provided.

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Abdulmalik Abdulmawla
Posted 2 months ago

Thanks for your kind feedback and your participation, we really appreciate it. : )

Rory MacTague
Posted 6 months ago
Good theoretical course, with practical and real world applications

This is a good theoretical course, with practical and real world applications. The lectures are very interesting and concise, with a whimsical and refreshing reference to the history of the topic. Actually enjoyable of themselves. The workshops are excellent, and better than some of the paid resources elsewhere. A real credit to the University.

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Reinhard Koenig
Posted 6 months ago

Many thanks for the positive feedback! Nice to hear that our work is appreciated.
Best regards

mostafa mahmoud
Posted 1 year ago
very nice and useful course

many thanks for this course real I was in need for something like that

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!