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VCV Rack :: Audio Processing

Download the VCV Rack. // the TestRec// the GlitchBank

Install these Brands:

– Erica
– Audible Instruments
– Bogaudio
– Impromptu
– Voxglitch

For the two effects that are used at the end of the video:
– Alright Devices
– AS


For your further study: You may find very good introduction videos to VCV Rack in this Youtube channel/playlist.


Concerning audio interface for real-time audio processing with VCV Rack, you may just google for suitable offers – or check this comparison of current devices:

For coupling VCV Rack with physical Eurorack modules (send and receive control voltage CV), you need a DC-coupled audio interface. Or you use a device that translates CV to Midi and back.


For questions and comments please use the course forum.

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