Assignment 02 :: Urban Simulation

Consider the instructions for the documentation of your exercise. Please, use the form below to document your exercise and to upload your Grasshopper definition.

Task Description

  • Start from the Grid City or even better from the Network City Grasshopper example files from this module.
  • Change, adapt, and extend the definition and the code from the components.
  • Define your own aim for extending the selected model or for implementing your own one. It should have a clearly defined relationship to urban planning.
  • Document the results of your exploration and the most important aspects of the changes that you made or the parts that you added.
  • To increase the quality of your documentation you may use a tool for capturing your screen and turning it into small animated gifs/ or mp4 videos. For this purpose, there are useful open-source tools:
    – a very simple one:
    – a more advanced one: 
    – if you’d like to edit your recordings:
  • Submit your exercise latest by 22. Feb. 2023 by using the Submission Form below!
  • Please upload additional files (your GH definition) as a .zip file to avoid problems with the submission system.
  • Please name the files as follows: UMS_2nd_yourMatrikelNumber_YourFirstAnd_SecondName and use the “Upload File” link below the form.

The exercise will be graded with points. The best grade is 5 points, the worst grade is 0 points. You need to submit all exercises/assignments and reach at least half of the available points to pass the course. The final grade is calculated by the corresponding interpolation.

Criteria for the evaluation of your assignment are:

  • the originality of the idea/concept
  • the technical level of the implementation (your contribution/changes need to be clear)
  • documentation style (well-structured and explained code – optional in the context of a Grasshopper definition)
  • understandability of your description (use spell-checking software like Grammarly!)
  • esthetic quality of the documentation (formatting, images, etc.)

For your submission, please use the form below! This is a new submission procedure. Copy your text from a text processing program like Word. In any case, make sure to have a backup of your text! The submission of the form may fail.
You find all submissions made for this assignment on the results page. You can edit a submitted post. All posts are collected on your dashboard. In case of any problems, please contact Prof. Dr. Reinhard Koenig.

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