Task – Community Mapping – Map Your Neighborhood!

Now you can show us how your neighborhood looks like (your home here in Weimar, including an area of 10000 Meter square around it), thus select one type of the maps mentioned in the Lecture and created it in :

A) Hardcopy format, then take a photo for it and upload it in Featured Image, max. 10 MB.

B) Convert the outcome from the previous step to kml/kmz file by using Googlearth as mentioned in the tutorial and upload it as ZIP file in the file upload below, max. 10 MB.

* In the page here, in category select: GIS 19.2- Introduction to GIS

** Naming your files as follow: 02_GIS_Last Name_First Name_ Matrikel Nr.

Deadline: Thursday 21st of November at 22:00

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