Task – Street Network

In this fictitious urban planning task, we are creating a new urban quarter for the city of Weimar. This plot is located in the central part of Weimar. The new urban quarter “BUW Campus Block” shall become a lively part for the students and the locals of Weimar. As this map will continue with us for the following tasks (Plots and Buildings) You shall include the university buildings and the school (You have the right to conserve them or replace them with new buildings later)

Your first task now is to create a parametric model for generating a street network for BUW Campus Block. The street network shall not exceed a total length of 4000 m and the street blocks that are created by this street network shall approximately have a size between 5.000 and 25.000 m².

A note: At this stage, we will be only concerned with the street network. Other urban elements (plots and buildings) will follow later. It might seem strange to you, to design a quarter by starting with streets only because surely the other two layers influence the definition of the streets network. But don’t worry, in later stages, you will have the chance to adopt the street network to the requirements of the other aspects.

BUW Block Model file is attached as a Rhine v6 files. You can find the site location as highlighted in the image.

Submission Format: Upload three screenshots that show variants of the street network generated with your parametric model (top view) and you Grasshopper – File!

Please use the template attached, to describe your algorithm as well as organize the screenshots of your design.

Attached Files:

BUW Campus Block
GH plug-in Human (Instructions on how to install grasshopper libraries)
SubmissionTemplate_PAUD_FirstLastName  (if you don’t have MS Office use Google slide version)

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