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salk institute

Salk Institute in La Jolla, California

The Salt Lake Institute designed by Louis Kahn might be one of the most straightforward examples that I can think ...
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Jewish Museum in Berlin

In this fantastic museum, through the remarkable three conceptual axes. The architect, Daniel Libeskind created different conceptual environments, which transforms ...

Blurry visibility at FAU-USP

When taking this picture I observed that because of the lack of visibility, or blurred visibility effect provided by the ...
visibility task_工作區域 1

Bauhaus library

For me, the Bauhaus library shows a great example of using spatial arrangements to create a various sense of visibility ...
VSJ Visibility-01

Old San Juan city_scapes

What was once a military base, is now our most famous attraction in Puerto Rico, “El Morro” the fortress. Today ...
Visibility Influencing Crime Rate in the City

Visibility Influencing Crime Rate in the City

Visual visibility and openness among pedestrians affect crime rates. Low visibility means many places are blocked by buildings or other ...

The Pudong Skyline

The famous „Bund“ in Shanghai is the promenade along the river Huangpu. But what I actually want to show in ...
200109_sight axis Paris example

From Louvre to L’arc de Triomphe, Paris

I like to put up the sight axis from Louvre to L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris. When standing in front ...

Task 01 – Visibility Analysis

For this task, I would like to propose this square. Worldwide famous and one of tourist's favorite landmarks in New ...

Skylines_visual landmarks

Skylines in cities are clear examples of the influence of the sense of vision as criteria for design. In cities ...
vanishing point

Influence on human vision by environment by Mohammad Bodrul Amin

If you have ever walked along with the rail line or rail track in your life then you would definitely ...
Portuguese NP Expo98


The task requirement reminds me at once of the Expo ’98 Portuguese National Pavilion, designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira. The ...


I am afraid that the experience of the spatial sequence is not richer than that of Suzhou gardens. The correct ...

Czestochowa, Poland – Jasna Gora Axis

I’d like to use an example I extensively anlaysed for an Urban Composition course in 2014 – the Jasna Gora ...

Morelia, Michoacán

For this task, I will present the case of Morelia which is a city in Mexico and I chose it ...

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