What is this thing called Science?

In this lecture, we will talk about this thing called Science. In essence there are different ways to acquire knowledge, make our opinions and guide our decisions. Science is one of them and in the following lecture you will learn what makes it special.

Dr Lincoln Colling from the University of Sussex will talk about things such as facts, theories, objectivity, truth, and logic in context of the scientific inquiry. Even tough none of these terms might be new to you, they are of them subject of many misconceptions and confusion.

The lecture follows and summarize in understandable and easily accessible way the classic book on the theory of science with the same title “What is this thing called science?” by Allan Chalmers. It a part of the “Psychology as a Science” course but can be considered as excellent general introduction and prerequisite for any scientific degree.

Think about how the presented concepts apply to the field of Urbanism, Architecture and you thesis:

  •  Slide 7: What Architects or Urban planners can see what other people do not see based on their training?
  • Slide 9: What might be the relevant facts for answering your research question?
  • Slide 12: What are the theoretical assumptions driving your research question?
  • Slide 18: What are testable predictions following from your research hypothesis?
  • Slide 21: How could you make your theory more falsifiable?
  • Slide 33: What are examples of degenerative and progressive research programs in architecture and urban planning?

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