Your Seminar Project Copy

Please, use the PowerPoint template for your documentation and upload it together with your GH definition as a zip file via the ‘Upload Assignment’ link below!

The task of your seminar project is:

  • Define a simple design problem with at least two objectives. The problem can be part of a more complex project. For your inspiration, please remember the third lecture of Sven Schneider about Design Computing III!
  • Describe the concept/aim of using optimization methods for solving your problem
  • Document how you implemented your GH optimization definition. What are the most important aspects of your program? Have you added some code? How do you control your model? etc. Use screenshots and add text for the explanation.
  • Describe the results – using images, videos, and text.
  • Add your conclusion.

You find additional hints in the pptx template.

Deadline for the submission of your seminar project is 26th of July 2019. Please, upload the pptx documentation and your Grasshopper definition!

The criteria for the evaluation of your project are:

  • A meaningful, realistic, and understandable concept.
  • Your project should be original and relevant.
  • Appropriate usage of optimization methods. Your design problem needs to be formulated correctly. The measures/objectives have to be related to your problem. You don’t need to use all the tools that were presented during the course, but the selection shouldn’t be trivial.
  • The quality of your documentation. Make good images and videos.
  • The evaluation of using optimization techniques for your design problem. This can also critically reflect optimization in design!

Good luck!