Luyang Zhang

Upload Powerpoint: NordWestWeimar_PUDA_LuyangZhang-0771284a Title: NordWestWeimar_PUDA_LuyangZhang-0771284aUpload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: NordWestWeimar_PUDA_LuyangZhang-2a428ecf Title: NordWestWeimar_PUDA_LuyangZhang-2a428ecf


Vojtech Horak

Upload Powerpoint: Vojtech Horak NW Weimar-26e59bc7 Title: Vojtech Horak NW Weimar-26e59bc7Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: 02_NWWeimar Horak-864aef9a Title: 02_NWWeimar Horak-864aef9aDescription: I misunderstood the tak a little bit, and instead of making 3 variations of one algorithm, I did 3 separate algorithms. So you could say instead I accidentally grafted it.