ur-scape :: Spatial Data Exploration

In this module, we introduce Ur-Scape, a tool that supports decisions makers with spatial indicators, analysis, and scenario simulations when they are most needed, that means during the discussion with partners. Instantly Ur-Scape brings together best available data from different stakeholders and offers analysis immediately (“on the fly”), in a visual and interactive way, without any needs for GIS technical skills. 

The module starts with an interview with David Neudecker, who is one of the developers of Ur-Scape. Afterward, David shows you step-by-step how to use Ur-Scape.

Ur-Scape is open source and can be downloaded here: http://urs.fcl.sg/.
You may find further information on Ur-Scape and the work of Davis here: https://www.davidneudecker.com/urscape-online.

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