Data Sources

There are a lot of data sources that you may use as a basis for your plans and simulations later. One of the most common questions is “Where do I start looking for data?”.

Cities from all around the world provide access to open data. And this is driving policy innovation, delivering better public services and creating new business opportunities. Raw data is also at the core of every interactive web map, urban data visualization or study. Morphocode put together a curated list of datasets for you to explore:

Download the list of datasets at Morhocode // local download

The developers of ur-scape at the Future Cities Lab have provided a great list of data sources that can be explored by their tool, but also used independently: Download CSV file

Further Data Sources:

Download OpenStreetMap Data from
Download SRTM Digital Elevation Data for Topography/Terrain from
User friendly interface for SRTM data (30 m resolution):
Easy web interface for querying snippets of basically unlimited size from OSMPlanet database – supports a variety of formats as an output:
One of the best curated and updated list of global open data:
Complex list of open data from Esri:
The humanitarian data exchange hub:



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