Rana Khaled Gamil Saadallah


Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture 2.0

1. Concept The main concept is to create a grid, representing a modular walled city, that is porous and each block in the grid would contain a typology. The typologies would interchange randomly as the grid expands. Therefore conceptually creating a contrast between the rigidity of the grid/wall, and the flexibility and irregularity of the …

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Rana Saadallah

Upload Powerpoint: MerkatelPlotsSubmission_PUDA21_Rana Saadallah-076e1e62 Title: MerkatelPlotsSubmission_PUDA21_Rana Saadallah-076e1e62Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: MerkatelPlotsSubmission_PUDA21_Rana Saadallah-320d2ec8 Title: MerkatelPlotsSubmission_PUDA21_Rana Saadallah-320d2ec8