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Merketal Urban Simulation for Children

1. Concept The area selected was the Merketal site, also the project area of PUDA. It was aimed to add 3 main parameters to this project which would shape the whole design; Children, Daycares, and Factories. 2. Implementation 2.1 Documentation of the main code C#_Initial C#_Attractivity C#_Growth & Move C#_Density 2.2 Documentation of grasshopper a. …

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Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: Asya Soylu_PUDA2022_Spatial Relations-f9a1f2fe Title: Asya Soylu_PUDA2022_Spatial Relations-f9a1f2feUpload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_SPATIAL RELATIONS-961e2ae1 Title: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_SPATIAL RELATIONS-961e2ae1


Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_VISIBILITY-0b7dbddc Title: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_VISIBILITY-0b7dbddcUpload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_VISIBILITY-570636c3 Title: ASYA SOYLU_PUDA22.2_VISIBILITY-570636c3



Concept The main aim was to explore fractal creations using C# and visualising according to different aspects to generate modular design ideas. For the submission, the chosen fractal was the “Sierpinski Triangle” which is an equilateral triangle recursively subdividing into smaller equilateral triangles. The pyramids created from these triangles vary in height and color based …

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ASYA SOYLU UrbanDensity_2022-bddbab69

Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: ASYA SOYLU_UrbanDensity_2022-fdaaa4e4 Title: ASYA SOYLU_UrbanDensity_2022-fdaaa4e4Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: Urban Density_ASYA SOYLU-05adba20 Title: Urban Density_ASYA SOYLU-05adba20

WeimarSud Building Blocks_ASYA SOYLU-11283fce

Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: OVERALL PRESENTATION-WeimarSud Building Blocks_ASYA SOYLU-719bd6ed Title: OVERALL PRESENTATION-WeimarSud Building Blocks_ASYA SOYLU-719bd6edUpload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: WeimarSud Building Blocks_ASYA SOYLU-20e2a452 Title: WeimarSud Building Blocks_ASYA SOYLU-20e2a452


Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: WEIMARSUD PARCELLATION_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-5e75fbb5 Title: WEIMARSUD PARCELLATION_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-5e75fbb5Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: WeimarSud Parcellation_ASYA SOYLU-da44ee4e Title: WeimarSud Parcellation_ASYA SOYLU-da44ee4e

WeimarSud_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-94071512

Asya Soylu

Upload Powerpoint: WeimarSud_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-4fb4bda8 Title: WeimarSud_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-4fb4bda8Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: WeimarSud_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-c80d52ae Title: WeimarSud_PUDA21_ASYA SOYLU-c80d52ae

0_PUDA_Letter Submission_Asya Soylu-2900362c

Asya Soylu

Upload Rhino/Grasshopper Files: 0_PUDA_Letter Submission_Asya Soylu-8a72cee1 Title: 0_PUDA_Letter Submission_Asya Soylu-8a72cee1Caption: You can find my Rhino and Grasshopper files in zip format for the submission here.