1. Virtual Spaces (ex. gather town:video-calling with a 2D map) > Meeting in the urban space  2. Online Banking > Banks 3. Online Shopping > Stores 4. 3D Museums > Museums 5. Conceptboard ( online working board for drawings etc) > Working Sheets 6. AlphaGo > replaces human playing go/Replaces physical game 7. Online Conference …

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Browser games (for example games with .io extension); Playing games used to be an activity on the street, now it is an integral part of computers. Reading articles; Although libraries are still the most effective places to read, it is not certain that they will find a place for themselves in the future. Socializing ; While …

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Designing online on a conceptboard (web) replaces the workroom Reading cookery recipes (web) replaces reading cookbooks Online drawing (web) replaces the desk and the sheet of paper Writing to someone (web – by email, social networks) replaces speaking in real life Listening to music (web) replaces the concert hall

1- web – online shopping, physical location – stores2- web – money transfer, physical location – banks (sometimes without a physical location)3- web- distance teaching/learning, physical location – classrooms4- web – online archives, physical location – libraries5- web – online working, physical location – offices  

Was not sure in which direction the question is heading. but I gave it a try:  (activity in web browser : physical location) -> trading : market  -> playing : playground / physical playing in a flat or sth similar -> shopping : shop -> search for literature : library -> search for information : …

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online shopping replaces shopping mall online studying (e.g. BBB instead of classroom) watching spot progamms instead of going at the stadium navigating or just waking (e.g. street views in google maps give the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the particular place) online banking allows not to go to the real bank