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Summer Destinations Map of Izmir

link:   CONCEPT: I wanted to create an interactive tourist map for Izmir with a user input. Izmir, which has many coves and beaches along the coast, has many unexplored locations. In addition to being a map showing the well-known coves and beaches, which are popular swimming destinations of Izmir, it also shows new …

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Fluid Network Lines Concept The concept of this study is to follow an approach to the visualization of data. In this direction, it is to catch a language that can be used with appropriate data in architectural visualizations by making certain changes on the “fluid lines” technique.    Development The beginning of the development of the project …

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p5.js Link—->>>>  <<<< MUSEUM OF ME_MEMORIAL; SYNOPSIS: The project’s idea actually happened when I visited my friend’s room and I asked her where did she buy her stuffed animal, which then appears to be her comfort objects that she got it from her mother. We had more Q&A questions on this relevant topic. I …


IID Bild-ca1a1bb9


I.I.D //Concept Throughout an intense research , done in another module called “MEROTOP”, I found out, that many problems regarding our campus are based on an information deficit. Feeling the need to combat this, I started building an interactive information display (I.I.D.). It’s a tube tv in a pillar with a bench in front of …

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DEM generator_ SuslovaOlga-4243d310

DEM generator Using the buttons ENTER, BACKSPACE, SPACE, “R” and arrows this script allows a user to generate and visualise the simplest 3D image of the landscape. A step equals 10 units. arrows: movement ENTER: add elevation BACKSPACE: diminish elevation SPACE: set default camera position “R” (press and hold): rotate the camera using mouse (pressed left …

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Example Post – Pixel Sort

Example Post – Pixel Sorting Concept [In this section, thoroughly describe what the concept is for your assignment] [What was your idea? What are the complexities of that idea? Why did you choose this idea and not another?]   Development [This section is for describing the ways you developed the concept / idea and …

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