Bulging surfaces

Concept As I was developing the urban hub project, we were working to create a parametric facade that can adjust itself based on weather parameter and sun angle. For this C# Project I tried to recreate a surface that resembles my urban hub project using a tutorial example. and   Implmentation Documentation of …

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CDM_2nd_121261_Bekir Alperen_Kalkan (6)

Branch Pattern in Design

CONCEPT This concept is taking its clues from the natural environment specifically, a many branched trees. The shapes of tree branches are complex and fractal-like, and they have a set of physical, mechanical and biological functions. Focusing on the relation between shape and structural strength architects have designed a number of tree-like structures.With the help …

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Points distribution in the boundary

1. Concept Some time ago I’ve found works of US artist Nervous System, based on principle of differential growth. For their jewelry and other artwork they use programming in C#.  Also there is a detailed tutorial at , explaining the mathematical principles of this algorithm.  I’ve worked on first part, curve differential growth. …

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