PUDA 23.2 Third Assignment

Project initial ideal

Haidy Mousa

The concept is to design a city with respect to a historical site/ historic building and the presence of a city center. The historic building should have a recreational space around it. The street network design will include a main street connecting the city center and the historical site. Also, each parcel will be divided …

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Mariia Pogodaeva

For generative design I want to consider the distribution of social infrastructure, for example a kindergarten that should be in a radius every 300m. The system of green spaces should be connected by streets. The morphology of the development depending on the given percentage changes and is categorized into 4 morphotypes.


Liliana Halwani

For my final project, I am developing a concept called “Mosaic Cities”. It envisions urban spaces as dynamic mosaics, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of their inhabitants. This concept perceives cities as living organisms that continually adapt to the evolving pulse of human culture. The process commences with the identification of primary public spaces, which …

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