PUDA 23.2 Final Assignment


Enrique Eduardo Ayala Gonzaga Rodriguez

The concept of my project involves the application of generative design techniques that we explored throughout the semester on a singular case study. Initially, I started by creating blocks and buildings utilizing components from Decoding Spaces. Following this, I performed an extrusion based on various rules with the aim of generating 3D buildings that met …

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Nusrat Jahan_126392_Final Image

Nusrat Jahan

My concept was inspired by the Arabic cities and their organic street network growth, as well the typology/land use based built environment. The urban growth of the cities are completely based on the directions in which the street network goes and connects to create network routes. I wanted to experiment with a script in which …

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Liliana Halwani

Urban spaces are dynamic mosaics, reflecting cultural diversity. Cities evolve, responding to human culture. Primary public spaces act as cultural magnets, shaping streets through methods. Streets define parcels, fostering cultural expression. Buildings emerge uniquely, varying in height and function based on proximity to public spaces. This holistic approach emphasizes interconnectedness, fostering vibrant and inclusive urban …

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Janni Darius Schaffner

THE GREEN CITY The Grasshopper script generates a green strip by scaling selected streets towards the center, establishing new development boundaries. Existing trees are identified and marked within the script, compensating for limited data in OSM files. Utilizing the Wet Wool Thread Generator, paths are calculated around these trees, ensuring a natural layout. Tree placement …

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