Parametric Architecture :: PA 22.1

Abstract Parametric Modeling is a powerful tool in the architectural and urban design process. By creating models, that do not only represent the geometry but rather relationships between the geometrical elements it becomes possible to create numerous variations of a design concept. These design variants can be analysed and optimized for certain criteria. Thereby the …

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Browser Space: Introduction to Programming with p5.js :: BSP5 21.1

Participants of the course will be introduced to a foundation of computational thinking alongside the coding environment of p5.js (Processing for javaScript) and the basics of programming for the browser. Three sections of this course will examine different groups of programming knowledge, helping participants to meaningfully develop basic programming skills through a process of experimentation …

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Integrated Urbanism :: 21.1

With the Millenium Development Goals the United Nations are setting a framework to foster a more sustainable development world-wide. The goals are ambitious and their realistation more than challenging, especially when it comes about responding to changes like ‘growth’ and rapid urbanisation in developing countries. In this study project, we are trying to understand and …

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