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The course introduces creating an augmented reality (AR) model and a web map from a Rhino3D/Grasshopper model.

Learning objectives

You learn how to create an AR model on the basis of your Rhino/Grasshopper model that you can present via your webcam or your phone.

In addition, you learn how to export your 3D model via Grasshopper to import it to a web map (Mapbox) and show it in your browser.


If you are not familiar with Grasshopper for Rhino3D it is highly recommended that you start with the course like Introduction to Parametric Design :: IPD open, before you continue with this one!


This course is open for everyone registered at the OTP. For questions, please use the forum. Please, understand that we cannot offer individual support for guest accounts.
Students from the Bauhaus-University Weimar, who are inscribed to a course have to use the closed courses of the corresponding semester that includes the tasks!