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This course introduces environmental analysis methods using the software Grasshopper for Rhino 3D. It covers the analysis of solar radiation, sunlight hours, outdoor thermal comfort, and wind.

Learning objectives

You learn how to use Grasshopper components for advanced environmental analysis, which you can apply in urban design projects.


If you are not yet experienced with parametric modeling with Grasshopper for Rhino3D it is highly recommended that you start with the course Introduction to Parametric Design :: IPD open before you continue with this one!


The lectures and tutorials in this module about Environmental Analysis with Grasshopper are given by Theodore Galanos.

Theodore is specialized in the use and development of advanced computational technologies in design for the built environment, always working at the intersections between Design, Data, and Intelligence. He seeks to create innovative, data-driven solutions within the field of Computational Environmental Design (CED) while breaking the boundaries between disciplines, integrating technology and automation as driving factors of effective, efficient, and innovative design solutions.

Finally, Theodore is a strong supporter of the open-source community and work tirelessly to democratize access to knowledge, data, tools, and workflows, whether it is by collaborating to develop open-source design tools like Butterfly, conducting openly accessible talks, publishing papers/blogs, and presenting research in industry venues. Changing the way we design, in order to face the difficult problems ahead happens only if we do it openly, and in unison.


The development of the lectures and tutorials by Theodore was supported by the AIT, Digital Resilient Cities.