Parametric Urban Design

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Parametric Modeling is a powerful tool in the architectural and urban design process. By creating models, that do not only represent the geometry but rather relationships between the geometrical elements, it becomes possible to create numerous variations of a design concept. These design variants can be analysed and optimized for certain criteria. Thereby the designer gains a deeper insight into his/her design concept. In this workshop, we introduce you to Parametric Architecture using Grasshopper and Rhino3D software. You learn how to establish your own algorithmic design and thinking method.

Learning objectives

The workshop aims to support both Urban Designers and Architects with basic knowledge of the software, as well as different methods for designing buildings and city geometries.  This will include theoretical knowledge for algorithmic thinking as well as practical exercises for parametric algorithms for both generation of forms and analysis & evaluation of results.

In this workshop you will learn the basics for parametric modeling using the visual programming software Grasshopper for Rhino. After this basic training you apply the methods to an own design concept.


For the course no prior knowledge is required.

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