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Building Information Modeling with Revit
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PBIM 01 – Model your flat

Model your flat. Use a sketch, measure out the dimension of your flat and model an digital twin of your flat in Revit.

Search for new families (windows, doors, etc), load them into Revit. New families you can find in the library, which comes with Revit. Each language brings different families. Furthermore, you can check out “bim city”, “bim object”, “NBS National BIM Library (UK)”, “modlar”, “ProdLib” and many many more. Ask your favorite search engine!

Your model should include:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Slab
  • (Roof)
  • (Stairs)
  • Furniture
  • and more categories, if it is needed to model the twin.

Create and edit sheets and print an A3 as a pdf.

  • Floor Plan
  • Section
  • Isometric 3D View (view into the flat, without slab/roof – section b0x)

Submit the PDF until 9 AM Tuesday 29.10.2019.

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