Theoretical Basics
Building Information Modeling with Revit
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Lectures and Video TutorialsTask
21.10.Sketch the floor plan of your house
22.10.Tutorial @BluePool: Model your flat.
28.10.Perceiving Daylight
29.10.Consultation / Tutorial @OTP: Daylight Analysis29.10.PDF Model your flat
5.11.Comparison of Perceiving & Computational Daylight Analysis
5.11.Consultation / Tutorial @OTP: Visibility Analysis5.11.Perceiving Visibility
11.11.Perceiving Spatial Relation
12.11.Consultation / Tutorial @OTP: Spatial Analysis12.11.Comparison of Perceiving & Computational Visibility Analysis
19.11.Comparison of Perceiving & Computational Spatial Analysis
Mid NovemberModel the Train Station Neum√ľnster / Model your Project
Begin of DecemberTutorial: Parametric Modelling in Revit with Dynamo
End of JanuaryParametric Building Information Model