Introductory Lectures

01.11.23  🧠
Algorithmic Thinking
Upgrading H.W. Generator

Task for the next session on the 8th November:

Make your own script generating one of three: streets, parcels or buildings. Paste it into the file from today (you can use the file named 231101 Hello Urban Generator Version in the shared folder provided below). So, to give you an example, if you plan to design a parcel generating script, paste it instead of the gen. parcels cluster and connect it to other parts.

Please follow these rules:

  1. Write down or draw the algorithm on the paper first. List out all steps you need to complete and only then open Grasshopper.
  2. Your script should not necessarily produce realistic results. Have fun and do not bother yourself too much with practical questions. –Triangular buildings? -Yes. -Roads leading nowhere? -Yes. -A maze instead of Gauforum? -Wonderful. -Spread spheres randomly inside the whole plot? -You got the point.
  3. You can copy-paste everything from files in our shared folders but your script should have some substantial differences to what we were doing in the class. Of course, parts of your logic might be based on the same ideas from what we discussed, you can’t get around it.
  4. Consider revisiting GH&Rhino: Fast Track page, especially the Core Functionalities section.
  5. You should submit a .gh (Grasshopper) and .3dm (Rhino) files to the OTP platform. In case you don’t know how to complete some parts (which is completely fine at this point!), you can always do some steps manually by drawing geometry in Rhino by hand and referencing it in Grasshopper. If it is not an option for you, place a Panel with text describing what you want to do in this part of the script. Try to formulate your algorithm breaking it down into steps and mentioning the components you think might help you achieve the result, if you already have them in mind.
  6. This submission is obligatory, please take it seriously. You don’t receive any mark for it, however, you can only receive True or False. True means 15 points out of total 100 points you can receive for this class, False means zero. So it is always better to submit at least something than submit nothing at all 🙂

Good luck!

➡️ You can submit your script with a preview image here

should you have any problems with attaching files, please use any cloud service and specify the link to your file in the description