Introductory Lectures

Literature – Design & Computation

Gero, J.S. (1990) Design Prototypes: A Knowledge Representation Schema for Design. AI Magazine 11(4), 26 โ€“ 36.
(great article on a formal conceptualization of the design process and the location of creative design in this formal model)

Lawson, B. (2005) How Designers Think โ€“ The Design Process Demystified. 4th Edition, Oxford: Architectural Press.
(classic book on the design process)

Mitchell, W.J. (1990) The logic of architecture โ€“ Design, Computation and Cognition. Cambridge: The MIT Press.
(classic book on rule-based architectural design)

Rittel, H.W.J. & Webber, M.M. (1973). Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning. Policy Sciences, 4(2), 155-169.
(famous article on categorizing design problems as “wicked problems”)

Simon, H.A. (1981) The Sciences of the Artificial. Cambridge: The MIT Press.
(classic artificial intelligence book dealing with designing and the human mind)

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