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Parametrized Massing Generator

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Enrique Eduardo Ayala Gonzaga Rodriguez

From my final assigment script, I add a Massing Generator inside the parcels and buildings previously created in order to add more complexity around the new attractors ...
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Alejandro Diaz Rivera

Voronoi attractor-based parcellation with green areas within ...

Mariia Pogodaeva

Using the street as an attractor, changing the density and height of buildings depending on the position of the street ...

Liliana Halwani

Building generation, rotation, and heights are based on attractor points. Buildings are rotated towards the attractor points based on the distance from the midpoint of their longest side ...

Savva Pettengill

my first generator used a cylinder as an attractor before I was familiar with the concept, I have kept this attractor as the main factor affecting building extrusion height but now the colors change to reflect this height. Another attractor was added in the sky to base building color off distance, but I removed it when I found that extrusion height can be tied directly into gradient components without using a point. I wanted to set up a third attractor as a random point along the main road, but after several days of trying I am giving up on this. I barely understand the tasks we are doing but there is nobody here who will help me! I have never received a message from a professor or invitation to a lecture or anything like that, I don't know if this course even has an instructor assigned or if it just uses examples from past work. If anyone is grading this, I am very lost and need help! ...

Javier Galindo

Building generator with random points. The first building generator, create an offset of the Plot to contain a random placement of points. Next it is created a second random placement of point to be able to generate rectangles, which then will be surfaces and extrusions. The idea is to have different hights and sizes of volumes for the Block. A Second building generator, use the same principle of random placement, this case use to create independent building with rotating facade-surfaces ...
Grid City with Multi Attractors

Haidy Mousa

Grid city with multi attractors and different heights. The first attarctor is to control the density at the city centre and the second attactor for a historical building located by the city ...
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Sophie Tempelhoff

I used the parcels we already had and extruded the buildings. The height of the extruded buildings depends on the two attractors I have created. One is a bit more "powerful" and is extruding the building a bit more. Also depending on the positions of the attractors the color of the buildings changes ...

Heran Mebratu Gebremariam

I tried to create a radial grid and tried to connect the attractor to the center of the radial grid and my plan was, when we move the attractor, the center of the radius moves making the plots buildings … change. but that didn't work so here you can see the three multiple attracters changing the height of the buildings as they get further/via the distance from the attractor ...
Schaffner; Janni_Subm2

Janni Schaffner

The script uses the central street as an attractor for the height of the buildings. The closer the buildings are to the street, the lower they become. Represented with color ...

Paloma Porrozi Lisboa

First I tried to use the attractor to change the height of the buildings and the colour, then I tried to change the morphology of the city by creating a lake and from there I tried to use another attractor located on the edge of the lake to create a gradient from the attractor, but I didn't get the gradient effect I wanted, I only managed to change the overall colour of the lake while moving the gradient. I went on to make other attempts, such as using the attractor on the edge of the lake again to change the height of the buildings. Problems that I found: -I couldn't use the attractor on the edge of the lake to create a blue gradient from it -When rendering the buildings that were removed in the last step with "Trim with Region", they reappear. -The lines on the roads didn't disappear even when I used "Trim with Region", so I had to delete them one by one. -I tried other things, such as using the attractor to reduce the thickness of the buildings, but that didn't work either because several lines appeared or other situations that went very wrong but I ended up deleting them ...

Nithya Veeramuthaiah

In this urban design concept, the city features a hexagonal street layout. The streets give rise to clusters of 4 to 6 building blocks, strategically arranged to form neighborhoods. These blocks vary in height, transitioning from low to high-rise structures. The result is a combination of geometric precision with density ...
Vorschaubild Generator 2

Jasper Ellis Krüger

You can download the Grasshopper script here, the file was also compressed larger than 5MB:!At1Goi6T_UG0gawTb0a9x2-h-6Fgxg?e=8394h0 -- no .3dm file is required for execution -- Building height and plot dimensions are dependent on attractor points: rather flat buildings with a large footprint and tall buildings with a smaller footprint. It is best not to try to move anything, the performance is terrible ...

Thomas Graf

Circular buildings. In the center, they are fewer but grow bigger whereas on the outskirts they are more but stay smaller ...
Preview LL

Lisa Lindemann

Added attractor-based extrusion of the buildings. Both the points and Streets/Boundaries serve as attractors and affect the height of the buildings. Limited the extrusion between three and thirty metres to keep the buildings within realistic measurements. Result is a neighbourhood in the process of gentrifying, I think ...

Margaux Flick

I created a radial city system and used -loft- as an other method for extrusion. The building height is generated by a random component. I moved the outer lines of the building twice along x and z and that created the shape of the buildings ...
Assignment 2 - Nusrat Jahan-min

Nusrat Jahan

Typical "radial city design" with the attractor being the point with the shortest height and increasing height as it moves away gradually. The density is also inversed in the center, with the density decreasing as you get closer to the attractor point ...

Leonie Scheler

Seems I forgot to upload the ZIP, upsi ...

Leonie Scheler

I build an urban generator with buildings/parcels made from attractor-based vornois and an attractor based height. Also the hight of the buildings shows off in their color ...

Yusuf Berrak

Arranging 3 attractor and let them to arrange: -the Height of the Blocks -the Density of Blocks(density also arranged by streets) ...