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In this course, you get introduced to spatial analysis methods (daylight, visibility, and accessibility) in order to identify different (human-centered) qualities of architectural spaces and urban form.

We use the software Revit/Dynamo.

Learning objectives

In this course, you learn theoretical basics for some spatial analysis methods and how to apply them by means of the software Revit with its PlugIn Dynamo.


Good knowledge of Revit/Dynamo is required that is provided with the course Introduction to Building Information Modeling :: PBIM Open

Software (Last Update April 2021)

Minimum Requirement: Revit 2019 with Dynamo 2.0.4
Recommended Requirement: Revit 2021 with Dynamo 2.6.1


Sven Schneider, Ekaterina Fuchkina and Olaf Kammler


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