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      The public space is an essential part of every territory. It is the place where any person could be, and where all the expression of each culture and traditions emerge. A great example of this democratic and artist expression of the inhabitants in the cities are the manifestations.
      For instance, in my hometown Bogota, there is a pedestrian street called “Carrera séptima”. In that place all the historical moments of the country have been expressed there, and, nowadays it is an important scenario for every protest and manifestation in the city.
      In the picture below, you could find a portrait of one of the biggest protest in these years, where all the students had taken that street against to inconvenient laws reforms to the educational system, and after that event, the previous government had to cancel those reforms in a concordance of the inhabitants’ expressions.

      Photo Sorce: “https://www.semana.com/educacion/articulo/universitarios-ejemplares–imagenes-que-demuestran-las-buenas-acciones-de-los-estudiantes-durante-las-protestas/587325

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