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      Ruo-Xuan Wu

      When I design, I usually will consider some realistic factors: budget, possibility of realization and design target.

      These factors are not restriction, but a really important filter to our design.

      If we want to promote a design, business is the best way to apply.

      Then the budget would the main issue of the investors. According to the market situation, we need to choose different materials to produce or different place construct.


      In the stage of realization, I would think the possibility. Does the building model be too fancy? Does the material could be obtain?

      These are the questions I will ask myself when I design.


      Finally, the target group of the design are an important element.

      If we would like to design a product to children, then the color should be bright, in order to catch their attention.

      If we would like to design a product to adults, the color should be steady and present the quality.

      So, these are the the factors I usually would take into consideration when I design.

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