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      I am afraid that the experience of the spatial sequence is not richer than that of Suzhou gardens.
      The correct way to visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden is to enter the waist gate from the old garden gate. Once entering the waist gate, at least six spatial sequences are unfolded on the axis. Rockery, the space is tightened; when you go to the hiking trail on the rockery, the space is further narrowed. Bypassing the rockery, the space begins to let go; walking north from Yuanxiangtang, the space is suddenly bright, and an island mountain flew to you in an instant Then he gradually opened it by the method of hiding, twisting and looping, fascinating. Or walk directly from the waist gate to the water court of Xiaocanglang. There is a tail of water in the bay. This is a branch of the pool at Yiyuxuan, which extends south to the garden wall. The bridge “Little Feihong” crosses the water. Crossing the bridge and heading south through the square pavilion “Dezhen Pavilion”, there are three horizontal sleepers in the water pavilion, named “Xiao Canglang”, echoing Xiao Feihong from north to south, and the surrounding pavilion constitutes a space. The independent and quiet water courtyard overlooked from the north of Xiaocanglang. On this end of the water, which is about 70 to 80 meters deep, you can see the northernmost Jianshan Tower through the three levels of pavilion, corridor and bridge. It shows the profoundness and richness of the landscape.

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