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      Well, there is no one specific way of selecting the most suitable forms among all the possible solutions. But there are many methods which can be followed to restrict the possible amount of built forms out of so many. As an Architect and Designer, I always try to assume the intention behind the designated project. As for an example, If I am assigned to design a school building, then at first I should always think about the possible functional requirements and other quantitative formalities that must have to exist in a school building. Later I will think about a possible built form accommodating those facilities which will also give a proper impression as a school building towards the general people. So both the form and functions are quite important here in this context. Definitely a school building should not have an outlook of an Office building or a hospital or anything else. So for evaluating a proper built form among all the theoretically possible solutions, it is always important to analyze the functional requirements as well as the desired outlook for those specific functions. It is also important to keep an eye over the entire surroundings of that area so that the designed building or built form would easily get merged with its surrounding infrastructures. These will help to reduce the available options of built forms among all.

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      One option is to narrow the possibilities according to the design question, or client, for example. If the designer analyze the function of the building, public, budget, availability of material/workforce, building law… every new parameter set a new limit for the design proposal, that in the end informs the designer about the decisions to be made in design process.

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