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      <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Task 01 – design restrictions
      </span>The start in designing a project always comes with the basic parameters such as the function of the whole, the environment or specifications. Immediately after thinking in that I have a picture in mind, which eliminates some possibilities and gives me at least a direction. By doing researches and experiments I then develop some kind of design-rules, which give me the possibility to work with a pattern and that somehow reduces the number of possibilities as well. One very essential point in my personal design process is that the interior of the object, together with functional aspects, form the outer appearance.

      <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Task 02 – form & function
      </span>One of the most impressive buildings that immediately came into my mind is a project of Rem Kohlhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture, short OMA. The three-part building is called „De Rotterdam“ and is located at the Wilhemina Pier, a harbor side in the area of Kop van Zuid, a relatively new district of Rotterdam. The building consist of three glass-towers, which emerge out of a rectangular glass solid and transpose at a certain point in different directions, to maintain a stability and form terraces. The original design of the project were three towers which are not affected by each other, but because of the enormous wind force on the harbor side and also to make it more stable they decided to change the design and connect the towers on a few points.

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