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      Felix Kofler

      1.  F.e.: high density means that everything can be reached by “foot” and public transport is more efficient.

      2. High density may be regarded as noisy, … and less green thus provoking illnesses.

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      Michal Stryjski

      1. It is seen like that because high density enable investors to build more on the same plot, and also reduces costs of public transport in the city, due to shorter distances it has to cover.

      2. Light accessibility, place for greenery

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      Laetitia Adam

      1. high density of population reduces the infrastructure (roads, public transport, grocery stores, health care) as more people are able to access the same infrastructure

      2. cities with a high density are more likely to be affected by heat problems

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      Tim Lorenz Liere

      1. you need less ressources and space to build a high density city, so its cheaper and better for the environment.

      2. Nature-closseness, place for green

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      1. High density results in lower cost for infrastructure and generelly makes it easier and faster to reach everything. Also probably better for the environment because more people have the ability to relay on public transport instead of using their own car.

      2. Lack of privacy and noise problems. Less outdoor spaces and the number of affordable housing is probably going to decrease.

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      Simten Oenen

      1. everything is accessible and public transportation is much more efficient.

      2. infrastructure shortages, emergent need for hosuing results in rapidly constructed and unplanned residential areas, residential areas built in greeneries, highways built in greeneries, squatters

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      Ayca Tugran

      (in addition to things my friends said)

      1. It increases the potential of having green and untouched areas.

      2. As a contradiction to the thing that I mention before, it reduces the possibility of experiencing nature and greenery near to residential areas.


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