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      Today, High density regarded as a precondition for sustainable urbanization and economic growth.

      01. What do you think?

      – Urban density is the number of people living in a particular urban area and is an important aspect of how cities function.  I think higher urban densities are required for sustainability because cities operate more efficiently when residents live in a denser urban surrounding. When cities have high densities, they tend to be more walkable and have greater transportation options. Sustainability has several components germane to urban planners but the single most important of these is transportation – how people get around.  When cities rely on automobiles as their primary means of transit, they lack sustainability and quality of life choices that can only come about when urban fabrics are built for their human users rather than their cars. So high urban density is a precondition to have sustainable urban development and sustainable urban development leads to good economic growth.

      02. What are the challenges of High density?

      – High urban density is essential for having sustainability. However, there are some challenging factors such as higher traffic congestion when traffic thinning and parking capacity reductions. Sometimes higher density occurs severe housing and infrastructure shortages and a growing number of squatter settlements into the city, especially in Asia. As a result, this lead to uneven urban growth and Urban sprawl. Even excessive urban density leads to the crisis of unemployment and increases in different crimes and anarchies.

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