3d cellular automata

Voxel-based Experiments using Evolutionary Algorithms

1. Concept Evolutionary Algorithms (further referred to as EA) pose to be very exciting tools for design exploration. These tools are very accessible because of the implementation into Grasshopper via various plugins, e.g., Galapagos, Octopus, Wallacei, and Opossum. At first, the possibilities seem to be countless, though the implementation into a specific case was more …

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Semester Documentation — Dominik Reisach

Semester Documentation — dr 1. Introduction This presentation wraps up everything I did and learned in this semester’s CDM-course while being structured chronologically. First, Parametric Modeling with Grasshopper, second, Introduction to Programming with C#, third, BIM & Analysis with Revit and Dynamo, and, finally, Web & AR. These four parts are equally divided into two …

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Main façade

Design by Research — Train Station Neumünster

IMPORTANT PRENOTE TO ALL DESIGN BY RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS: PLEASE SKIP THIS PRESENTATION; OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE BIASED AT OUR VR-STUDIES! Design by Research – Train Station Neumünster 1. Concept The following project is the result of this year’s course “Design by Research – Train Station Neumünster” taken at the chair of Information Architecture at the …

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HPMP Part II 1. Concept As a continuation of the first Assignment, this part focuses on the creation of the pavilion. Since I found Grasshopper’s C# code editor rather unintuitive, I decided to write the code entirely in Visual Studio, creating a Grasshopper component to be reused easily. The documentation of the C# code is …

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