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Reinhard Koenig

Dear Diellza,

I extended the definition 03_GenerativeUrbanDevelopmentModel.gh, which was provided in the course. Please find it attached to this post. It shows exemplarily how you can deal with different typologies for various land uses:


There is a part that allows excluding parts of your blocks/parcels. It is added at the beginning, where the blocks are created:


After the simulation part, the blocks/parcels are separated concerning their function. I also added a simple visualization for the dominating function (residential of workplaces). They are separated for using them with different typologies by the cull pattern:


Finally, we can play around with different typologies. I used the DeCodingSpaces building types, but you can or cause also implement your new ones:


Please, consider this just as an exemplary starting point, not as a final solution that you should use for your project! You need to adapt it to your design concept.

Best regards


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