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Task – Daylight Analysis – Analyse the Daylight Performance of your Flat!

First, conduct a daylight analysis for your flat! Therefore, use the following settings below.

Second. take the results from the computational daylight analysis and from your subjective analysis. Are there any differences between the experienced and computed brightness? If so, mark these locations and shortly discuss possible reasons for the deviation. For presenting your comparison, use the following PowerPoint-Template: Template_DaylightExercise

Finally, save your PPT-Slide as a JPG and upload it as a Post in the next page (submission).


Please use the following color-scheme for the daylight analysis:

ValueColour below valueColour Name
max255 000 000Red
4000255 083 040
2000255 147 000
1500255 191 000
1000255 255 000Yellow
750192 255 000
500000 255 000Green
300000 255 127
100000 255 255Cyan
50000 000 255Blue
0000 000 000Black

Use the following settings for the daylight analysis.

If you have a couple of rooms, which will not get any daylight, you can uncheck the rooms in the so called room schedule.

Default checked rooms (only an example!)

After you opened the schedule for “_InsightLighting Room Schedule” uncheck the rooms, which are not part of the daylight analysis. After reopening the already finished daylight data analysis via Analyze -> Lighting (Button) only the rooms, which are checked, will be displayed in Revit.


For the legend, please use the above information in the table and in the following pictures.


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