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Task – Visibility Analysis – Mapping Spatial Experiences

Before you go on watching the lectures and tutorials, please conduct the following assignment:

Move through your flat with open eyes! Pick four places inside your flat which you experience as pleasant. Furthermore pick four places that you experience as unpleasant. Mark the places inside the floor plan with a red (pleasant) or blue (unpleasant) circle and an arrow indicating the viewing direction. Go to all eight places and rate them using the following scheme:

This is a so-called “semantic differential” presenting opposite word-pairs, between which you have to choose on a 6-point scale. Finally for each of the eight places write a short comment (1 – 2 sentences), why you like or dislike the place!

For documenting your results, please use the following PowerPoint-Template: Template_VisibilityExercise

After you did this preparatory task, go on watch the lecture & tutorials and combine the results with task 2.

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