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Task – Visibility Analysis – Analyse Visibility Features of your Flat!

Analyse the visual features of the geometry of your flat! Use different methods and metrics that you learned in the lectures and tutorials to discover what one can see when being at certain places in your flat and while moving through the flat. Create an Isovist Field for the whole flat and figure out, at which places the field of view is for instance largest or smallest; most or least compact or has the longest sightlines. Finally, test, if certain personal experiences (e.g.: large / small, open / enclosed, complicated / simple) that you mapped in the previous assignment are linked with certain visual properties (e.g. Isovist Area, Compactness, MaxRadial)!

For a systematic investigation on the relationship between the computed values and your subjective spatial experience you will have to conduct an exploratory data analysis. Therefore you have to systematically compare the values from your questionnaire with the ones from the visibility analysis. Use this table for conducting the analysis: IsovistSpatialExperienceCorrelation.xlsx

Use the following steps for the data analysis:

Step 1) Transfer the values from the questionnaire into numbers from 1 to 6:

Step 2) Create Isovists at each of the eight places that you marked in the 1st task. Transfer the numbers for Isovist Area, Compactness, Occlusivity, MinRadial and Max Radial into the table.

Step 3) Look at the min, max and average numbers of the pleasant and unpleasant places and compare them! Can you identify differences between them and if so, try to give an intuitive explaination for these differences!

Step 4) Create correlation diagrams between the subjective spatial experience and the isovist properties. Test if certain relations that you assumed exists do really exist (e.g. the more complex a space is perceived the less the compactness). Choose three correlations and briefly describe them. For creating the diagrams use the XLS-Table in the following way:

Step 5) Document your process using this PPT-Template: Template_VisibilityExercise

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