Water Sensitive Urban Design

360° Videos Dannisa

On the map below each x red cross marks a link to a 360° video of that specific location to help getting an overview of the village.

Additionally the video below the map shows a walk from edge to the city center of the city of Wolkite. Have a look at the change of pavement, buildings or movement.

(Modern smartphone browsers such as chrome should support viewing the video in 360°. The experience is even nicer with the use of a VR-cardboard.)

Link to Google Maps

Dannisa 360 01Dannisa 360 02Dannisa 360 03Dannisa 360 04Dannisa 360 05Dannisa 360 06Dannisa 360 07Dannisa 360 08Dannisa 360 09Dannisa 360 10Dannisa 360 11Dannisa 360 12Dannisa 360 13Dannisa 360 14Dannisa 360 15Dannisa 360 16Dannisa 360 17Dannisa 360 18Dannisa 360 19Dannisa 360 20Dannisa 360 21Dannisa 360 22Dannisa 360 23Dannisa 360 24Dannisa 360 26Dannisa 360 25Dannisa 360 27

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