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Excursus – Spaces (a documentary on life in Ethiopia by Bisrat Kifle & Felix Heisel)

Here you can inform yourself about life in different locations in Ethiopia, starting from informal settlements in Addis Ababa, over the newly built condominium houses up to life in rural areas. Further information can be found at:

This is a documentary about daily life in the old neighborhoods of Addis Ababa. You can see how people arrange themselves in a one- or two-room house.

Life in the condominiums as the new way of constructing mass housing for low and middle incomes not only in Addis but also in secondary cities like Bahar Dar.

This documentary is on the use of space in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Looking at one typical tukul for the duration of 24 hours, one can notice how a single room can serve for most daily functions.

This movie tries to tell a generic experience of thousands of migrants in Addis Ababa. Looking at one spot in the area of Piazza for the duration of 24 hours, one can notice the importance of micro economies as part of the public realm.

Throughout the years, Addis Ababa, informally, developed a sophisticated recycling system in all parts of the city. “Kuré-Yalews” are roaming the streets in small neighborhoods, collecting anything that might still be useable from households.

The movie documents the construction of such a chereka bet. These houses are built on squatted land during one night, hence the name “moon-shine house”.



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