Water Sensitive Urban Design

Task – Water Sensitive City 23.1

Get familiar with the WSUD Tool and create a city for 10.000 inhabitants which has (1) minimal wash out risk (2) optimal supply with water and (3) minimal costs (street length & pipe length). The space demand per person shall be 25 sqm, the water demand 50 l. The parameters to be changed are (1) the street network, (2) the density of the street blocks and (3) the position of the water tank. Use the task to familiarize yourself with the numbers and the relationships between the different design parameter and performance citeria.


  1. Start by creating a street network with assigned densities for a city of 10.000 inhabitants. Don’t look at the analysis when doing this!
  2. Analyse your city and make a screenshot. The analysis results define the benchmark for optimization.
  3. Change the network and the densities in order to improve the analysis results.
  4. Do several iterations (min. 2) of improvement and document the results with a screenshot
  5. Compile all screenshots into a PDF and upload it.


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