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Upload – Functions of Public Spaces

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Families living in big cities want to provide spaces for their children to let off steam. Of course traditional playgrounds ...
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A Space to experience

Public space can be the space where people try having different experiences, or change scenarios. For example, this "fake beach" ...
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DilsadAladag – Functionofpublicspace

Meeting, encountering and sharing

They are offering space to be together with others, to encounter with new people, new opinions, new ideas and also ...
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Ahalya Gandikota_Uses of Public Places

Public space as a place of congregation and a symbol of historical events

Public spaces can act as a place of congregation; a place where a diverse population can share and express their ...
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Streets as a designated space for public/political demonstrations

Streets are used for more than just traffic allowing social and spatial mobility. According to the picture I chose, I ...
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Candlelight vigil in Seoul

Demonstrations are often held at Gwanghwamun Square, which serves as a symbol of Seoul. The protests are never dangerous or ...
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Dynamic functions

Squares and streets are important parts of public spaces. They are spaces which are opened to nature or surrounded by ...
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Theather Platz 2019

Public spaces can be used as a stage for cultural events; concerts and installation are some examples of this function ...
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Street cricket

Street Games (Cricket)

All of us already known to various types of public space activities which are most common like having different festivals, ...
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Meskel Square, Ethiopia

Sporting function/Physical activity

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. The quality and equipment of urban public space plays an ...
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Function of a public space

Public spaces can also be used for play. I think it is necessary not only for recreation but for learning ...
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The general development trend of urban public space is diversified functions and diverse forms. Various public spaces carry various functions ...
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hipster-in-casual-coat-happy-to-meet-friend-at-urban-street-chance-meeting-concept-meet-old-friend-by-accident-man-bearded-businessman-waiting-someone-in-city-center-happy-to-meet-you-R24KM6 (1)

unctions of public spaces – Jan Gehl’s three types of outdoor activities

To answer this question I’d like to refer to what Jan Gehl says about the topic in his book Life ...
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