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schubertstrasse (2)

Schubertstrasse, Weimar

Schubertstrasse is a quiet residential street, lined by a few parked cars, bicycles, and a lot of trees making it ...
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Bonhoefferstraße, Weimar

Bonhoeffernstraße is the street that I go for taking the bus every morning. It is a straight street in the ...
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Jenear Strasse, Weimar, Germany

Jenear Strasse is a municipal street of medium width, which is not very busy. It has few residences on either ...
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The street I live in is a frequently used street in Weimar. It provides one of the important connections towards ...
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This the street where I live, it directs the car traffic around the city centre. At certain times of the ...
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Ettersburger Straße, Weimar

The street is located on the outskirts of weimar besides the student appartment called am Herrenrodchen. it is a two ...
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Bonhoefferstraße, Weimar Nord

Bonhoefferstraße, Weimar can be classified as a residential street as it connects the residential dormitories of Weimar Nord. This is ...
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Falkstraße, Weimar 99423

street in housing estate in Weimar; one lane for car-traffic in both directions; 2 framing parking lines left and right ...
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Teheran Road

Teheran Road, called 'Manhattan' in Korea, where foreign speculative capital, which has been mired in domestic real estate since the ...
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Arcades street, Bahnhofstraße, Erfurt

Characteristic of the Bahnhofstrasse is a traffic-calmed area with the arcades (Unfortunately it can not be showed using leading ...
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Merketalstrasse, Weimar

I live in WH Merketalstrasse, on the ground floor there is a kinder garden,n and I consider it as a ...
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DilsadAladag – Streetmix

Heinrich Heine Strasse – Goethe Platz

It is the most crowded street of the small city All the busses passed during the day from here corcordantly ...
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Am Herrenrodchen 1

Am Herrenrödchen

My street is on the way to Buchenwald Memorial, outside the city and it connects to federal roads so, my ...
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Cosmos Avenue

This is the avenue I have envisioned in my hometown 20 years later. It is a broad urban main road, ...
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merketalstrasse (1)


Right now I live in the dormitory in Merketalstrasse. The street near the dormitory becomes narrow. On one side are ...
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