VREVAL – Preparation of Marker (position)

The VREVAL Marker is used to mark the position in the virtual environment where certain functions will take place.

VREVAL Markers contain 4 different types:

  • Checkpoint: location inside the environment where the participant is inserted or begins a task. Furthermore, participants might be asked to search for a checkpoint, which will represent a goal.
  • Sound: the source location (position) of environmental audio.
  • Gate: teleport from a place A to a place B (e.g. an elevator, stairs, portal, etc.)
  • Information: additional information at specific locations in the virtual environment (e.g. “turn around, this is the wrong direction in a Wayfinding scenario”)

VREVAL markers can only be created in Revit with the family VREVAL_Marker. In the future, there will be function to place the markers inside the VREVAL APP.

The following PDF will explain how to place markers in Revit (Download: VREVAL Marker Revit Family) and upload markers to the VREVAL Website. To upload the VREVAL Marker, a Dynamo package and Script is required.

Revit: Place and Upload VREVAL Marker

Download PDF: Revit: Place and Upload VREVAL Marker
Download Dynamo Package VREVAL 1.19 (zip file)
Download Dynamo Script (zip file)
Download Dynamo Player Script (zip file – alternative to Dynamo Script)


After the markers are uploaded,  environmental audio can be prepared and the VREVAL study can be further organized on the VREVAL online platform.

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