VREVAL – Model preparation

To run a VR evaluation, a digital environment is used. The digital environment can be created in different software. One of the software is Revit.

How to create a model in Revit is explained in the course

After a model is created, the model gets exported to the VREVAL Website. The VREVAL Website holds all information about the VR evaluation.

To create the model asset bundles (a zipped archive) the model(s) get exported out of Revit, imported to Unity, exported as Unity asset bundles and uploaded to the VREVAL Website.


Export 3d Models (Environments)

The general limitation is the import of Unity. If the 3D model format can be imported, the file format can be used for exchanging the geometry information.

In the next PDF, the workflow via Collada is explained. Underneath the PDF, an additional workflow with 3dsMax and the end file format FBX is explained.

Revit: Export 3D Models as Collada

Download PDF: Revit: Export 3D Models as Collada
Alternative, FBX files can get exported with 3dsMax (Tutorial PDF) .

Import 3D Models and create Asset Bundles in Unity

Unity is a gaming engine. For personal and education use, the gaming engine is free of charge. Unity process the geometry to Unity Asset Bundles, which can read out by the VREVAL APP. The VREVAL APP will download the Asset Bundles and Evaluation Data. The VREVAL APP will show the evaluation to participant. The participant can move through and act in the virtual environment. Their action is recorded and saved at the VREVAL Database, where the results can be excessed by the researcher.

Please use the Unity Version 2020.1.13. The program can be downloaded from https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive

Unity: Preparation of Asset Bundles

Download PDF: Unity: Preparation of Asset Bundles

Trouble Shooting

Materials are missing.

If materials are missing in Unity, the material can be extracted from the imported model. After the materials are extracted, the material can be edited.



The next step is to create the virtual positions (marker) where the participant will be placed inside the virtual environment.

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