VREVAL – Result Evaluation

After each evaluation, the results must get analysed and interpreted.

For this, basic templates are provided. The template gives a look out, that the answers might be. Use the templates and dive into the evaluation. Find correlated data, hidden, and obviously answers.

First, download the result data from the VREVAL website. The result data are only accessible if the studies are online. Underneath the participant codes, the download link is provided.

Second, use Dynamo or the Dynamo Player to translate the data from the format json to CSV files or visualize Wayfinding results, Annotation or Placing Marker in Revit. After the CSV is created, the sheet content can be copied into the Excel template files. Further analysis can be conducted in Excel.

Unblock Downloaded Zip-Files before unpacking.

Important note for Excel. Office Exel 365 or Excel online is required to run the Excel Template sheets. Excel online is limited in function.

  • Get Excel 365 from https://shibbo.scc.uni-weimar.de/office365/register
  • For more information about Office 365, visit the following website https://www.uni-weimar.de/de/universitaet/struktur/zentrale-einrichtungen/scc-rechenzentrum/software/office-365/
  • ….
  • The CSV import is only working correctly with Excel 365 and Excel online. Tab Data -> From CSV/Text -> Separator: Semicolon -> Import
  • Formulas like “unique” are only supported with Excel 365 or Excel online.
  • Filtering: Yellow Cells are required fields, Light yellow cells are not required fields.
  • Press F9 to update and run the formula. Tab Formula -> Calculation Option, the mode automatic or manual calculation can be chosen. For wayfinding analysis, the mode manual is recommended.
  • Adjust charts by “Select Data” and select new data series.
  • Feel free to change the colours and layout of the charts.

Last, answer the research questions and/or hypothesis. Use and show the results in a presentation. Share your findings.

VREVAL Result Analysis

Download PDF: VREVAL Result Analysis

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